About Us

Yashoda Charitable Foundation was established in 2011 as the philanthropic arm of Yashoda Group of Hospitals to provide structure and focus to the ongoing social responsibility initiatives of the company. The Foundation is registered under the laws of India as a charitable organization, under the direct patronage of the Yashoda Hospitals’ Board of Directors. The express mission of the Foundation is to empower communities and create opportunities for the underprivileged in areas of education, training and health.

Yashoda Foundation will ensure sustainable and inclusive growth that is both environmentally friendly and socially uplifting to all the underprivileged youth. The Foundation will provide vocational trainings to the orphan youth as well as to the rural and urban underprivileged youth. Apart from this, health and education support initiatives will be carried out besides the above as an expansion strategy. Yashoda Foundation will strive hard to deliver a model to deliver maximum benefits of ‘Employment Linked Vocational Training Programmes’ to the identified orphan youth of Andhra Pradesh.

Social inclusion through employment linked training programme for orphan youth