G Ravinder Rao

Chairman, Yashoda Foundation

Chairman’s Message

Losing the parents at tender age is a very sad thing to happen in one’s life. The child will miss the love, care, moral and parental support that are very much needed to become a complete individual. By reasoning with the orphan children’s plight, and understanding their social and emotional requirements, the Directors of Yashoda Hospitals wanted to start an orphanage and make it as a model orphanage in the city.

In this direction, we have visited various orphanages. To our surprise, we have found one common problem with all the orphanages that they are sending away the orphan children after completion of the 10th std. The child at this age is clueless, and riddled by the question, What Next?

So, we decided to address this question of critical gap with the best possible solution that will impact positively the lives of orphans. With this objective, we have started Yashoda Foundation in the year 2011. We understood the root cause of the problem and addressed it accordingly. Our initiative is focused towards empowering orphans to become productive and positive contributors to society.

Yashoda Foundation initiated the Abhaya program to impart requisite social and language skills, and provide skills development training to orphan youth. In collaboration with the corporate sector as well as other potential employers, placement assistance was also provided to the trained orphan youth.

This project is successful as we were able to place more than 6000 candidates whom we have trained which is 100 percent success. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated staff and the directors of Yashoda Foundation.

To make our efforts sustainable, we have integrated all the supportive programs into our system like, Akshara, which is a tuition program for orphan children; Vaaradhi, where you get complete information about the orphans, orphanages, and government programs or facilities for the orphans.

We have started Maa Kutumbum which is nothing but a reunion of all passed-out students of Yashoda Foundation. It is a family of 6000 members, who are very supportive to each other, that gives immense confidence to other members that they have a family behind them.

Overall the Abhaya project is successful and very fulfilling and we have a long way to go. This is only a small step. Yashoda Foundation is committed to make a meaningful difference in the lives of orphan youth.