Social Inclusion through Employment Linked Training Program for Orphan Youth

With an aim of offering the benefit of the Employment Linked Training Programs to orphaned youth, Yashoda Foundation initiated this project which provides the training with the support of the most prominent training partners and placement providers. The training process follows required customization keeping in mind the needs of the specific target group.

Foundation Course (Common course for every new batch) :

The training process begins with Foundation Course Programs to train the aspirants on various

  • Life skills such as self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, team building, decision-making, time and money management, Psychiatric counselling and personality development.
  • Communicative English’ has been designed for the aspirants, as the ability to speak in English has become an important prerequisite at the workplace.
  • Basic Computers Skills would be helpful for the aspirants at their workplace. The course duration is of 3 months and each batch starts with a minimum of 45 to 50 aspirants every month.
  • Mehandi, Beautician, Tailoring and Embroidery (3 Months)

Support provided to the trainees :

  • Free education and training
  • Snacks are provided
  • Hostel and boarding facility for non-local candidates and transportation charges for local candidates
  • Study material, Books, Stationery and all needs of the candidates during the training course
  • Day out Programs
  • Certificate on completion of the training course
  • Placement for all the trained candidates
  • Interview Skills (On how to face the interview)

Monitoring of the ABHAYA :

  • Volunteers also participate as Guest Faculty to motivate and guide the trainees
  • Visit to the hostels of Yashoda Foundation to mentor and motivate the trainees
  • Monitor and counsel candidates already placed, for better career growth