Advocacy programme for Orphans

The primary objective is to facilitate the Orphan Homes in terms of Legal rights, Support provided by Govt. , Basic Information about training facilities, employment facilities, financial support, subsidiary fee support etc.

Yashoda Foundation has formed an informal network of the Orphan Homes to facilitate them with OH License, Orphan Certification, utilization of all the government supported benefits given to the Orphans and to create awareness about the Orphan Rights.

In addition to the above the following support is also provided to Orphan Homes.

  • To provide information regarding the “Vocational/Skilled Training” providers/institutions and the possible “Placement” providers/Industries/Corporate companies/Institutions etc
  • To generate awareness about the Orphans and their specific issues in general public.
  • To collect and disseminate latest information on Government Orders, Guidelines, and Application process.
  • To facilitate and guide the Orphan homes to get the Government License to run the Orphan Homes, and Orphan Certificates to the inmates of Orphan Homes.
  • To provide the contact details of the related Government Officials and departments and the Organizations supporting  the Orphans as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • To provide information of Volunteers for Orphanage Services.
  • To form a Network of Orphan Homes or organizations.