Gift of warmth

It is early winter now in Hyderabad. Do your part to keep everyone warm and healthy this season!

The need for regular and winter clothing peaks during the winters – especially in the beginning of the season. There is something we can do keep the vulnerable community safe from the cold and wind. Young or old, ill or healthy, men or women, there will be somebody who is not prepared for the winter, whom you can always help.

Yashoda Foundation has organized a winter donation drive to pool in the contributions from the generous you. The donations will be packed as dignity kits and distributed to the underprivileged in orphanages, old-age homes, slums and on the streets. A team of volunteers at Yashoda Foundation have identified and will execute the distribution across the city.

Be a helping hand and contribute to the donation box installed at the nearest Yashoda Hospitals. A shawl may bring a smile on an elderly and coat may let the child play even in the cold.

Whatever you share, it need not be new. They just need to be in good shape that shows how much you care and love. Here is a list of unused items that can be of great help to someone in need:

● Blankets
● Bed sheets
● Regular clothing
● Sweaters
● Shawls